The Rag picker with a social cause

Jabir Karat, a post graduate from Delhi University lives in Thamarassery. Most people say Jabir is eccentric for the reason that the career he has chosen is neither research nor any government service. Its waste management. Things would have been better if he could meet his ends with this. Not even that. Truly he must be eccentric. After his studies , on receiving Gandhi Fellowship he visited Andheri Slum in Mumbai. The concept of garbage processing struck him at this point of time. He also found an entrepreneur who transforms garbage into compost in TV show ' Satyamev Jayate' produced by Aamir Khan. The show discusses and provides possible solutions to address social issues in India. He realized that waste is misplaced resource. Later on he underwent training with the Environmental Protection and Service Organization led by Vellore Srinivasan near Coimbatore.
Back home, he failed in establishing his new ideas. People of Thamarassery agreed to everything but were reluctant to pay a nominal fees for the waste management services offered. It was easier to throw away.
Jabir then focused on events like conferences, marriages etc introducing the "ZERO WASTE EVENTS" concept. His company, Greens Worms is now providing waste management services and advice on making surroundings waste free during such special occasions. Jabir addresses himself as a social entrepreneur.
The first step involves plan formulation to reduce the use of paper and plastic. Steel, ceramic plates and cups are made available for rent. Washing service team is also provided when necessary. The food wastes are segregated at source, collected in bins and is transported to resource recovery centre. Food wastes are composted. The first challenge took up by Jabir was the Markaz Conference at Kunnamangalam. It was a three days conference attended by over one lakh delegates. A fee of Rs 25,000 was charged. There was excitement on everyone's face after the conference seeing the surroundings trash free. The Markaz also received Rs 16,000 from the sale of compost. Green Worms also provided waste management service for The Youth Conference of Markaz. The company has received orders from various events like marriages etc. The truth is while lakhs and crores are spent on events, people are reluctant to spend even a penny for waste management. Contact Jabir if you have the desire to celebrate your event with social responsibility.
Nothing big to quote at this juncture, but abundant varied experience of executing small green projects. The said veterans of Catalysts Foundation had done a smithy job of carving a skill Necklace and placed around Jabir. Today Jabir is an arrow which would normally hit the garbage.
Catalysts Foundation for Education and Research is the professional consultants of Green Worms, guiding company to execute the projects.
This enthusiastic young lad is seeking your support to make environment CLEAN & GREEN. Help him to TOUCH THE ROOTS OF DIRT.

Respect Mother Earth.

Love Mother Earth.

Preserve Mother Earth.