“Celebrating 5 years of Social Impact & Innovation for Sustainable Waste Management”

Mattannur Municipality

The past scenario

Mattannur Municipality falls under the administration of Kannur District of Kerala. Carrying a population of over 47,000 individu-als, the waste generated in the municipality was beyond it’s capacity.
Though a contract were made with an informal organization for the collection of the waste, it was found to be insufficient of bearing the same. The waste so collected began to pile up, compelling the municipality to pay an additional amount of Rs.1500 per ton for it’s proper disposal. Soon this ever increasing financial liability became too much to sustain and the pay had to be cut, ending the process of disposal along with it.
A collective of women SHG worked along with the aforementioned organization for the collection and disposal of the wastes. They were employed for 10 days per month with a pay of Rs. 3000. Their meagre pay was due to the poor income generated by means of waste management. Though sale of recyclables and other dry wastes has an income potential, there existed no system for making use of this

The part where GreenWorms comes in

Such was the state of the waste management in Mattannur Municipality before Green Worms took over. Since cost effective and eco friendly disposal was the challenge, we trained them to recover recyclables from the dry waste as soon as the situation was handed over to us.

Taking our solutions one step ahead

We assured them a fixed labor cost forthe segregation staff in return of ownership of recyclables. Hence rather than having to spend on the disposal of the collected waste, anaverage of Rs.10 per kg was enabled to be derived from 70% of the recyclables. Consider-ing the fact that around 65% of the waste collected from the municipality was found to be recyclable, this paved way for an income generation. Besides this, by means of fixing a User Pay per month of Rs.30 for each house-hold , an additional income of Rs.215360 began to flow in every month.
The waste management setup was further updated by Green Worms to include an infrastructure of 5000sqft equipped with a shredding and baling machine and one vehicle for the collection and transportation.
Other improvements made by Green Worms with regard to the SHG includes increas-ing the working days of the SHG staff to 20 days per month, including one day for door to door collection and raising their monthly income to Rs.6500.

And Now

Today this 35 member SHG successful-ly operates the waste management of the whole municipality on their own. They are able to earn much better and achieve satisfaction in their job due to the solutions we were able to provide them. In comparison to what they had to go through previously to get the job done, after our intervention they have much improved facilities and a dignified environ-ment to work in. Their efficiency and commit-ment has levelled up along with it. These women are now ready to face whatever challenge that comes their way in their path to achieving a clean municipality

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