Dr. Abdul Hakeem Azhari
Director - Markaz Group of institutions.

" Green Worms demonstrated a perfect message to millions of people who attended the last Markaz International Islamic Conference, that any waste, whether degradable or not, can be processed and reused if scientifically collected and segregated in time. For the first time in the history of 40 years of Markaz, I could see a spotless and clean campus on the very next morning of the conference. The principles and methods applied by Green Worms, the training imparted to our green volunteers, the planning and efforts put in by your field staff… all were in perfect symphony to save Markaz from going another dumping yard.
As we practised this and emerged victorious in some of our other events, I have nothing but sincere appreciation to Green Worms and its exponents and I highly recommend the strategies and services of Green Worms to all who care for our environment and love our mother earth "

M K Vasudevan
Secretary, Queens Royal Enclave, Kannur Road, Near Malabar Christian College, CALICUT. .

" When Mr Jabir approached me first, I conversed with bit reservation. Gradually our conversation intensity penetrated more deep into the subject, I realized that this man has got the potential for waste management, and I entrusted our building waste management job to GREEN WORMS and they are doing it SATISFACTORILY.

Barbara & Peter
(India/ Gemany)

" We met Jabir in a minitaxi sharing an orange. A friend put the peels back in the bag. Jabir smiled and said: „Look this is the difference between you and my people. They would just throw waste out of the car. My mission is a waste-free Kerala. In my childhood my friends and I could swim in our river in my village, nowadays it is too poluted – I don´t want to accept this!“ I was impressed. I had the feeling that we had just met a man with a strong vision: A WASTE-FREE KERALA – what a big DREAM, but what a BEAUTIFUL DREAM! Wouldn´t that be heaven on earth in „God´s own country“?!? To bring this dream come true – step by step – it needs people who walk their talk, Jabir is one of them. We wish him and his team joy & success by doing this important work with and for all of us! .