Dr. MK Muneer
Former Kerala Local Self Govt Minister

" Green Worms has done an amazing job at my son’s wedding by making the whole event ‘zero waste’. It is a great concept which needs to be encouraged and replicated. I wish team green worms all the success in their future endeavor."

Dr. Thomas Issac
Current Kerala Finance Minister

" Mr Jabir Karat (green worms founder), is a young entrepreneur with a unique vision, instead of finding better paid jobs, he has chosen to collect the garbage, Jabir’s novel idea of Events Waste Management had succeeded in many places like conferences & other large gatherings, I recommend Jabir & team to manage any large scale events waste management"

Barbara & Peter
(India/ Gemany)

" We met Jabir in a minitaxi sharing an orange. A friend put the peels back in the bag. Jabir smiled and said: „Look this is the difference between you and my people. They would just throw waste out of the car. My mission is a waste-free Kerala. In my childhood my friends and I could swim in our river in my village, nowadays it is too poluted – I don´t want to accept this!“ I was impressed. I had the feeling that we had just met a man with a strong vision: A WASTE-FREE KERALA – what a big DREAM, but what a BEAUTIFUL DREAM! Wouldn´t that be heaven on earth in „God´s own country“?!? To bring this dream come true – step by step – it needs people who walk their talk, Jabir is one of them. We wish him and his team joy & success by doing this important work with and for all of us! .