Green Worms 5X is our collective ambition to demonstrate the impact that we have created in the last half-decade and to scale and impact in the next half-decade. As part of our 5th-anniversary celebration in 2020, Green Worms 5X was launched. The Green Worms 5X will bring the entire team together for collaborative action and to measure the impact made so far and the goals we have for 2025.

Our Half a Decade of Impact, 2015-2020

Dignified Jobs Created

Tonnes of Waste Recovered

towns & Villages supported in Waste Management

Our goals for, 2025

Dignified Jobs to be created


Tonnes of Waste to divert from entering Oceans and Landfills

Villages & Towns to be supported in implementing Waste Management

Our Dignified Jobs Focus

Better Wages
Better Working Conditions
Wages to Leadership roles
Health & Safety
Financial Inclusion & Savings Initiatives