We welcome our new team member Roshna Kurungat for beginning the journey with Green Worms as Project Associate.

Quick Intro
I’m Roshna, Post Graduate in Ecology and Environmental Studies, lives in Mahe. Passion is to travel and explore , love to learn different cultures, community interaction and capturing moments. Never ending love to roads and dogs. Coming to work profile, I have had a great time with WRCS Pune as a dissertation trainee on their long term nest site study of different owl species across Central India and worked with IISER Tirupati as a field intern on their Shola Sky Island project aiming to understand different aspects of ecology and evolution.

What makes you to be a part of Green Worms?

I was looking for a diversion in my career from ecology to the social aspect of environmental studies, there I found Green Worms. Since school days as like every student I also used to write paragraphs about the harmful effects of plastics, how it is affecting our food chain, health and environment etc. But nobody teach us how the problem can be solved or how to tackle the already existing issue. So I decided to be to be with team to learn and understand the unanswered questions of mine.

What are your expectations working with Green Worms?

I would be expecting a real career growth in all aspects. Apart from being a Panchayat point of contact I would love to interact with various communities, handling various job roles, exploring different field sites, participating in cleaning drives, conducting zero waste events, eco- friendly products etc.

What’s your role and how you are making difference?

I’m working as a Project Associate for 3 villages in Kozhikode district. Here Green Worms is collaborating with SHG’s and delivering both consulting, disposal and recycling of collected plastic waste.  My job role is to run the project successfully without any fail in the execution level as well as the SHG’s working schedule and their account maintenance.  I believe that proper and safe disposal of any kind of waste makes a big difference and we need small changes, that matters a lot in the long run.

What’s your thoughts on Oceanic Plastic Pollution?

Marine pollution poses an existential threat to marine wildlife and ecosystems. Plastic plays a major role in this. We Green Worms, focusing on efficient, safe and systematic disposal of plastics and preventing the flow to the ocean and other water bodies.Happy to be a part of an amazing team who are creating incredible changes.