Our Vision

A world with zero-waste, creating a circular economy where resources are used efficiently and effectively

Our Mission

Creating and implementing innovative solutions for better waste management, while advocating best-practices for sustaining resources.

Why Bother About Waste?

The Journey So Far

Jabir KaratFounder and CEO

Green Worms was started in 2014 by Jabir Karat, a post-graduate from Delhi University. Jabir was working in the slums of Mumbai as part of the Gandhi Fellowship, when he was struck by the gravity of the waste-management problem in cities. With humble beginnings in Kozhikode, Green Worms has today become one of the fastest growing start-ups in the waste management space in Kerala, trusted by the state government, panchayats and municipalities, as well as the private sector and NGOs. Green Worms is now expanding its footprint across other states in south India.

The Green Worms Impact

Tons of wet-waste used for biogas, composting and other useful raw materials
Tons of dry-waste recycled
Tons of waste diverted from landfills

Our Clients

Trusted By Leaders In
Government, Industry And Non-Profits

( Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha and Former Under-Secretary General, United Nations )“Jabir Karat is Kerala’s waste management warrior. A student, a ragpicker, a social entrepreneur, the story of Green Worms is truly inspiring”

( Minister of Finance, Government of Kerala )"Jabir Karat is an entrepreneur with a unique vision….His novel idea of Event Waste Management has been successful in conferences and large gatherings. I recommend Jabir and his team to manage larger events, promoting sustainable use of resources"

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